Birch Bender’s Keto Friendly Pancakes Review

A friend recently gave me this pancake/ waffle mix, and I thought after trying them they were definitely worth a review. I was definitely pleasantly surprised by this healthy breakfast treat.

  • First, they are Keto friendly and they are also sugar free which works with a Whole30 diet, and my my anti-inflammatory regimen as well.
  • They are only 5g net carbs per serving and that’s pretty amazing for a pancake breakfast!
  • There’re super easy to make! Just add water- no eggs or additional ingredients.

I heated up my skillet and add a tab of Ghee Butter. Poured in about 1/3 cup of batter per pancake and they fluffed up right away!

One flip and I was ready to serve. Added some sugar free syrup and sat down to try this little stack of heaven.

Wow, I was blown away by the texture and taste. Just as good as Aunt you know who’s, but without all the calories. I truly enjoyed a guilt free breakfast and highly recommend trying Birch Bender’s Pancake mix . They found the right mix of healthy ingredients to create the perfect healthy pancake!

You can buy it here for about $14.00 per batch. They can also be found at Walmart as well.


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