Why Ghee Butter is a game changer.

Since I did the Whole 30 and eliminated dairy & sugar I had to find a butter substitute. Enter Ghee (clarified butter)! Not only does it taste delicious and have a high smoking point ideal for sauteeing, but the health benefits are numerous!

Ghee has has higher concentration of Vitamin A than you would receive from milk. Vitamin A contributes to things such as hormone balance & liver health. It also provides a boost of Vitamin K to help drive calcium to our bones.

Ghee is a good source of cholesterol and helps the body deal with inflammation through the good quality fats provided.

Ghee is lactose free. The process of making ghee actually removes the lactose and leaves behind a pure oil based butter. There are many recipes available online if you’re interested in making your own ghee very easily.

Ghee is an amazing agent for your digestive tract where good health begins. Ghee is a source of butyric acid which causes regeneration of cells in the digestive tract. It’s also proven to prevent colon cancer, ulcers and IBS to name a few.

The benefits of this simple health elixir go beyond what I have listed here in this short article. I would suggest to google Ghee and read about the full benefits of this amazing natural product that you want to include in your diet. Ayurvedic practitioners specifically have known about the supreme benefits for many years now.

Ghee can be purchased at most supermarkets or made at home. I personally love this one in the photo by “4th & Heart “ which I purchase on Amazon and it has a slight vanilla flavor. I find this just enhances whatever I’m using it for. My favorite is using ghee when I make eggs or it can be added to your coffee first thing in the morning.