Show up to glow up!

Once you’re in your 30’s- 40’s it’s time to take a fresh look at yourself and re-evaluate your personal style. Sometimes your makeup and skincare need to evolve just as much as your wardrobe does.

I really feel like people are taking better care of themselves these days. Everyone is always so busy during the week, but it’s important to take time for some self care. It only has to take a few minutes each morning and night.

Adding a few well chosen products to my skin care routine has really made a huge difference. I have tried many different lines of moisturizers, peels, hydrators, cleansers etc. After spending a small fortune on different products I can finally say I’ve found some that are keepers! My search is over…I want to share with you what products I found to actually work and have proven to be the most effective. Not to say these products are the only way to go, but the ones I’ll mention here have actually produced noticeable results.

Let me just say that my goal is to look fresh and polished. I know I will never have the skin I did when I was 20 but trust me you can still look good with a little help along the way and possibly trying some new techniques and breaking some old habits.

The first thing to mention is that in order to show off your new healthy glow you don’t want to pile on the face powder. Heavy drying powders are one of the biggest mistakes we can make! All they do is settle in around the fine lines and make things look more pronounced and nobody wants that. You want to look smooth and hydrated. This way when you do apply your foundation everything looks flawless! It’s all about creating the right base and then layering the right products. Believe me I love a good finishing powder, but leave the “baking” to the 20 somethings. It just doesn’t work for everyone.

Ok I’ll get right to some of the products I’m using & loving at the moment!

The first thing I like to do every few nights is to use an exfoliating mask. This gets the surface of my skin smooth, bright & ready to absorb all the skin care products that follow.

My favorite one is by Kora Organics : Tumeric 2-in-1 Brightening & Exfoliating Mask. This powerhouse mask is loaded with natural ingredients that will benefit your skin. Here are a few of the main ones:

    Turmeric: Brightens and evens the look of skin tone while reducing the look of pigmentation and calming redness. Provides potent antioxidants to protect against environmental stressors while helping to diminish the appearance of visible signs of aging.
    Aspen Bark: Natural salicylate that delivers enzymatic action to support skin renewal while helping inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria.
    Rosehip Seeds: Polishes and supports natural skin cell turnover; helps soften the appearance of sun damage and scarring.
    Papaya Enzymes: Clears clogged pores, dissolves dead skin cells, and supports natural cell renewal. Helps to diminish the appearance of scars and blemishes.

After this step I’m ready for my night time choice of serums. This product has been simply amazing and I love how I saw a difference in my skin within just a few days and it keeps getting better & better! It can even be used under the eyes and it definitely diminishes fine lines pretty quickly! This one is by SkinCeuticals: It’s their “Retexturing Activator”. This bad boy exfoliates and hydrates with my favorite Hyaluronic acid. In a nutshell it ” Stimulates enzymes that help break the bonds that bind dead cells to the surface of the skin, to diminish surface lines and wrinkles” Here’s a link to their site so you can read about all the benefits.

This is one product I would not want to be without!
Skinceuticals Retexturing Activator Replenishing Serum, 1.0-Ounce

Next step is treating the eye area and this eye cream is my go to morning & night. Besides how well it illuminates the eye it’s also awesome under makeup. I can even apply this to my eyelid and it’s not greasy at all. As a matter of fact it’s probably working as a great primer under shadows and concealer. I can’t state enough how much I LOVE this cream. I’m kind of obsessed with eye creams and I really think this one is the all time best!

Packed with natural botanicals OLEHENRIKSEN Banana Bright Eye Creme is seriously incredible!! Here’s a link to read about the ingredients and benefits-

So this is my latest night time routine and it’s been giving noticeable results. I’m usually not easily impressed, but these products have made a serious impression very quickly. I’m now a loyal fan! I hope if you decide to try these products you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

I will be posting in the future about my favorite morning skin care products and also other products worth trying as well. This is just one combination I would recommend because it works for most skin types as well.

Ole Henriksen