Can your coffee do this?

I’ve recently discovered something intriguing and amazing and I feel incredible. I want everyone I know to feel this way!

Here’s my story…After quitting smoking almost 3 years ago I gained some weight that’s been very hard to get off. With age comes the challenge of a sluggish metabolism and what seems like an increase in sugar cravings. Hormonal fluctuations are the devil I tell you!

My journey to feel good and look good began with a Whole30 challenge. The initial sugar withdrawals were brutal but I pushed through. After the first week things became easier and I discovered that eating this way made me feel really great! I plan to write more articles about this but for now let’s just say its become a life style change.

An old friend made a post on Facebook one day & said she had been drinking this coffee and it had really improved her health and extra bonus~ she lost 20lbs!! Hey, I LOVE coffee so my interest was piqued. After speaking to her I didn’t hesitate to start on the regimen right away.

There were no strict guidelines to follow and it was simple enough to work into my busy schedule. All I do is have a cup of my “smart coffee” every morning and 1 supplement which is the icing on the cake. I’ve been losing about 2 easy pounds per week!

The weight loss is a plus but its the other changes I didn’t expect to experience.
I will keep this short but I have so much energy, focus and drive! I definitely don’t procrastinate as much as I used to and making decisions are a snap again. I was starting to become indecisive and that’s not me. I like to say the brain fog has cleared! I call it smart coffee because its a nootropic which basically means its a supplement for your brain. If you haven’t heard of nootropics before I would suggest some research to keep yourself informed.

Along with the added concentration it has elevated my mood, decreased carb cravings & has increased my overall sense of well being since it naturally elevates your happiness hormones. Its only been 4 weeks and I cant imagine starting my day without my DOSE. The DOSE I talk about is the winning combination of what I start off each day with~ the coffee & a XanthoMax supplement. The best part is you will feel the effects right away and by the second week your thanking yourself for taking a chance on a new healthy regimen. It’s truly incredible! Start today- it’s risk free and you can always return the product for a full refund.

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